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~Blog omnibus~ Throughout the year Part 2

Hello everyone!

Only one month left until the Olympics! Have you already decided on your summer schedule?

Did you read the omnibus that was uploaded before?

This time, we would like to introduce our hostel's rooms again in the form of an omnibus.

The first is this dormitory room.

Mixed dormitory room

pasted image 0.png

Female dormitory

pasted image 0 (1).png

Recently, quite a lot of people are staying at our hostel for business, so it may be an opportunity to create a new community.

pasted image 0 (2).png

A major feature of dormitory rooms is that people are close to each other, and some people come to stay with their friends, while others make friends with people in the same room the same day they come to stay.

And, there is also a dormitory for females, so it's a safe space for girls.

The next is a room for a group.

Family room [with toilet and shower]

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Our family room is a quadruple room, and there are two types of rooms, one with a toilet / shower inside the room and the other with a shared toilet / shower.

It is also recommended for day trips for girls, such as trips with families with children and friends.

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The atmosphere of the hostel becomes brighter when group guests come, so we're really looking forward to it when group guests come here.

Next is standard double room / small double room.

standard double room

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In a calm atmosphere, there is also a refrigerator and air purifier in the room.

There is also a space under the bed, so you can put large luggage in it, and you can spend comfortably in a spacious space.Standard double room has enough space for 2people so don't worry about space and enjoy your trip!

small double room

pasted image 0 (6).png

Small double room is the most reasonable private room. When you cross the Sumida River, it has a very calm atmosphere in contrast to the area around the station, and there are many local shops that are typical of downtown, making it a good place for lovers and parents to take a walk.

Last but not least, I'd like to introduce you to our Deluxe Double Room.

pasted image 0 (8).png

The rooms are fully equipped with toilets and showers, and the rooms have a kettle and all the amenities you need to make your stay one of a kind.

It will be nice even if you need to find somewhere to stay suddenly, no need to bring anything and cheaper than a hotel!

pasted image 0 (9).png

pasted image 0 (10).png

〇Finally, a summary of each room

・ Shared dormitory room: 12-people room

・ Female dormitory room: quadruple room

You may be able to meet new friends and find a community!

* Not available for people under 18 years old.

・ Family room / Family room (with toilet / shower): Quadruple room

Some of the rooms have a toilet and shower, so it's perfect for traveling with family and friends!!!

・ Small double room / standard double room

Toilets and showers use a common space.

Equipped with an air purifier and refrigerator, you can stay cheaper than a business hotel.

・ Deluxe double room

It is one rank higher than other private rooms and is equipped with a toilet and shower.

Amenity is also available.

・Bath towel    

・Face towel

・Toothbrush set


・Skin care set


・Night gown

We are now only six months away from the end of 2021.

I hope you will be able to stay active and have fun this summer by following the rules.

And above all, please take care of your health by drinking water frequently.

We are looking forward to seeing you again under the skies of Asakusa, and we will be waiting for you every day.

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【plat hostel keikyu asakusa karin】

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