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plat hostel keikyu asakusa station Enjoy your stay in hostel!

Hello guys, this is plat hostel keikyu Asakusa station!

Surprising that half of the year has already passed.

June has just begun, it's getting a rainy season here in Japan.

How are you guys doing?


Did you guys know that there is a projector which everyone can use in the front?


This time, we did "watching movies and beer flight " that our guest wanted to do in our hostel, and we would like to share how it was like!

This is a picture sent by the guest who loves beer.

He went to a beer specialty shop and tried to find some beer that even people who are not good at beer can drink.


There are the guest's favorites.

There were some standard drinks, but I was surprised to find a fruity beer with less bitterness even though it was a beer.

Here is the Belgian beer that one of our staff who isn't a big fan of beer thinks it's tasty.


A cassis blueberry-flavored fruit beer with a little sweetness and a slightly stronger acidity.


A raspberry-flavored beer that doesn't have that much bitterness and has a good balance of sweetness and sourness.

Even the staff, who only gave negative words such as "beer is bitter!" or "I don't think it's delicious" was able to find delicious beer.

I learned that beer made from wheat has less bitterness and that even if the ingredients are the same, it becomes a non-alcoholic beer just by not fermenting it.

Here is the last picture the guest sent us.


Breakfast in the famous pancake place called Benizuru in Asakusa where we have talked about it in the past posts.

(Here is the link to the post "plat hostel keikyu Asakusa station Shop introduction ~Benitsuru~"


We are glad that the map we just put recently worked out well.

It was so nice to see the guest talking about what is so fascinating about beer and what makes the taste different in terms of what it's made from and how to make it.

We try to share what is really cool about the hostel by spending time talking, making and doing so many stuff altogether during the stay in our hostel, and we hope it would be an opportunity for every single guest to stay with us again.

We are not sure how long the situation is going to last, but we do our best to clean and sanitise our whole hostel then definitely try hard to make our hostel comfortable for everyone who's been using it.

Thank you to the beer-lover guest for letting us have this opportunity.

We hope to get to see you again soon.