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Introduction of Neighborhood Cafe


This is plat hostel keikyu asakusa karin.

We would like to introduce a recommended cafe for those who would like to enjoy a nice morning at the cafe around the hostel.

We will provide you with information to enrich your morning, so please take a look.

February Cafe


This café is a 5-minute walk from the hostel.

The interior has a relaxed atmosphere, and the staff is kind enough to give us recommendations on drinks to try!

There are not only tables but also counter seats and terrace seats, so you can enjoy yourself alone or in a large group! Seating is by the hour.


I ordered the burnt caramel thick pudding (¥650).

The pudding was firm to the touch and the bitterness of the caramel matched the cream perfectly.

Fresh caramel ice cream pudding also seems to be popular.

Here is the menu.

There are so many kinds of drinks and meals that it was hard to decide which to order.



In the morning hours, you can order toast and a drink as a set, so if you are looking for a morning meal in the Asakusa area, this is the place to go!

They are open from 8:30.

This store is perfect for a morning date with friends or a refreshing time before work.

Please visit February Cafe)

[Basic Information]

February Cafe

Business hours: 8:30~17:30

Location: 1F Kawajiri Building, 1-9-8 Komagata, Taito-ku, Tokyo  

Contact: 03-6802-7171

Payment: Cash, credit cards, electronic money, and QR code payments are all accepted.

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