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Anamori-inari shrine Festival ''Kentousai''

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Anamori-inari shrine Festival is coming soon. It's called ''Kentousai'' and is held once a year.

26th Aug (Fri) 6pm~9pm

27th Aug (Sat) 6pm~9pm


The Kentousai festival is held every year in August at the Anamori Inari Shrine,

A lot of "paper lanterns" made by the local people are displayed.

Each paper lantern has various pictures or patterns.

The lights were turned on one by one from 6 pm,

By the time it gets dark, the shrine will be filled with beautiful lights.

It will be so instagrammable!


*This is what happened last year.

This year, events such as ring dances and fairs will be canceled or scaled back in order to prevent infectious diseases.

However, the priest said, "It will not be the lively atmosphere of previous years, but it will be a wonderful opportunity to experience a very solemn and fantastic atmosphere!" He said.

Please come and experience the summer of Anamori Inari at the end of August.


Please cooperate with hand disinfection and securing of social distance due to infectious disease prevention.


~Anamori Inari shrine~

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