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plat hostel keikyu haneda home ~Original Teuchi Udon Sanukiya~

Hello everyone.

We are plat hostel keikyu haneda home.

The rainy season is over and the days are getting hotter.

Is everyone in good physical condition? Please be careful not to get heat stroke.

Do you like udon, everyone? To get through this hot summer, why don't you eat udon?

That's what I thought.

There is an udon restaurant called "Sanukiya" right in front of Anamoriinari Station, the nearest station to our hostel.

image0 (17).jpeg

Here is a picture of the entrance.

The entrance is very quaint.

image1 (11).jpeg

When I entered the store, I saw a lot of retro photos on the wall.

Sanukiya" has been in business since 1967. It is a long-established restaurant with a very long history.

There were pictures of the past and stories about the early days of the business on the menu inside the store. Please take a look when you visit.

image4 (5).jpeg

Here is the menu!

A large katsudon and udon noodle set.

This time I ordered this Katsu-don and small udon set. (This was the store's recommended menu this time)

image5 (1).jpeg

Look at this! Look at the volume!

In addition to katsudon and udon, salad and pickles are also included.

The seasoning is sweet, and both adults and children can eat it.

image3 (9).jpeg

image2 (9).jpeg

A wide variety of other menu items are also available.

There were many delicious dishes such as cold udon noodles and curry with pork cutlets, perfect for summer.

Sanukiya is located right in front of Anamori Inari Station, the closest station to our hostel.

The restaurant was packed with business people during lunch time, and some customers came to have a meal before going to the airport, and it was so busy that there was a waiting list after lunch.

What we had this time was just a part of the menu, so we would like to try the other dishes again soon.

If you're coming to our hostel or visiting the airport, be sure to stop by!

~plat hostel keikyu haneda home~

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