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plat hostel keikkyu minowa forest ~Blackboard Introduction~

Hello, this is plat hostel keikyu minowa forest!

This time we will introduce the blackboard, which is a continuation of the previous one!


This is the perfect illustration at the beginning of the blog!

It will be an illustration drawn at the beginning of 2021!

With all our heart to have a good year

The snow-covered mountain is skillfully expressed using white chalk.!

Also, the small illustration of Anpanman was drawn by a guest child from Hokkaido!

It seemed like he was drawing on the blackboard for the first time, but it seemed to be fun and above all!


This is an illustration drawn during the rainy season!

The most important thing was the illustration of hydrangea!

It expresses a lot of petals well and is very attractive!

A teru teru bozu was also drawn, hoping that the rainy season in Japan would end soon!


Next, here is an illustration of the Tanabata season!

Similar to the previous Christmas season illustration, this is a participatory illustration that allows guests to write and paste a strip of Tanabata!

Although it took some time for the illustration to be completed, many guests wrote the strips!

I introduced you to the blog twice, but how was it?

I think there are many guests who have seen it!

I would like to continue to create various illustrations in a participatory manner!

All the staff will do their best to make illustrations that will leave a lasting impression on everyone, so please come to our hostel!

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