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How about look around Tokyo with "Daichari"?

Hello! It's a plat hostel keikyu minowa forest!

It's getting colder day by day, but how are you doing?

You should feel very comfortable in the clear winter air when you take a walk on a sunny day.

This time, we recommend the perfect "Daichari" service on such a sunny day ♪


First of all, Daichari is a bicycle sharing service that can be used mainly in the metropolitan area! (Daichari official website:※Japanese only

We have already introduced how to use Daichari in this article by haneda home so please have a look if you like. (

This time we will explain why we want you to use Daichari, which also has a station at our hostel ♪

Reason 1: It's really easy to use and ready to go

Once you register your train IC card, You don't need to book, just tap your IC card to rent a bike.

Reason2: Can rent a bike from 15 mins so it's will be perfect for short trip

The price for renting a bike is 70 YEN/15mins, maximum price is 1,000YEN up to 12hours.

Will fit not only for short distance trip but also for whole day sightseeing

Reason 3: A lots of station for rent and return.

Some other companies also have the same service but there is a rule that you have to return your bike in the same area. But Daichari doesn't have that rule so you can go anywhere by this bike and drop the bike off anywhere you want.


From the Minowa area, it's actually faster and more convenient to use a bicycle to reach Asakusa than by train or bus, so Daichari is also recommended for sightseeing in Asakusa.

We have a Daichari in front of the entrance of our hostel. You can use it anytime.


You should use this Daichari for sightseeing in Tokyo.

You can use it to find nice spots that you wouldn't normally find on public transport!!

Please share what you found on the way :)

【plat hostel keikyu minowa forest】

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