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plat hostel keikyu asakusa karin 2nd anniversary

Hello, this is plat hostel keikyu asakusa karin.

22nd March 2021, It's been two years since plat hostel keikyu asakusa karin was opened.

Our 2nd year was tough as same as everyone, but we were able to get over with who stayed at ours even in this situation, also who supported us from somewhere in Japan and all over the world.Thank you so much!

We made this board to commemorate the 2nd anniversary.

image0 (38).jpeg

We asked our guests to write their memories from 2020 to 21.

image1 (15).jpeg

They shared a lot of happy events and it makes us happy to read them. We hope that all our guests feel the same way!!

This is displayed on the blackboard, so please take a look when you stop by.

In addition, we were presented Japanese sweets from one of the guests as a celebration.

image4 (4).jpeg

image2 (9).jpeg

Thank you very much! We enjoyed eating that.

We will make such a warm hostel that is more comfortable and makes guests want to stop by! We sincerely look forward to your stay.

Thank you again.


【plat hostel keikyu asakusa karin】

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