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Setsubun day!!!

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The story changes, February has Setsubun day!!!

(Setsubun is a holiday to celebrate the coming of spring in Japan.)

Do you know when the day is?

When asked "when Setsubun will be?", many will say February 3rd.

But did you know that this year was February 2nd, one day earlier?

It's been February 2nd for the first time in 124 years since 1897 (Meiji 30)!


The word Setsubun has the meaning of "dividing the seasons."
On Setsubun on the day before the beginning of spring, we sow beans and eat Ehomaki(Roll sushi).
It's been February 3rd for a while but it's February 2nd in this year. Because the time when the earth goes around the sun is not perfectly 365 days, it's 365 days plus about 6 hours, so the position of the earth shifts little by little every year. Then the beginning of spring will change February 2nd or 3rd.
By the way, the day when spring begins on the calendar is called "Risshun".

Also, it is said that if you eat as many beans as your age, your body will become stronger and you will not get sick easily. It seems that some places eat one more than their age.
Since we are refraining from the Setsubun event this year, it is quite difficult to shout "Oni wa soto !! Fuku wa Uchi!".("evil goes outside the house, happiness comes inside the house" .This is what we shout when we sow beans!)
But we should enjoy each event in Japan. We really hope that we can have a Setsubun event next year.

The cold days will continue, but the days are gradually coming, and I can't wait for the cherry blossom season!!!
We are waiting for you to visit Tokyo in the spring season, maybe next year!!


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