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Christmas season at minowa forest

Hello there!

We are plat hostel keikyu minowa forest!

It's getting colder day by day, but how are you all doing?

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, we can't have parties with a large number of people this year at our hostel. so it's hard to think how to spend the Christmas time and New Year holidays.

plat hostel keikyu minowa forest just opened in January of this year, so it will be our first Christmas so all our staff were excited to decorate inside the hostel!


There are also trees and Santa Claus of origami, and cute Christmas figurines at reception!


The blackboard that conveys the season has also been designed for Christmas!

We also have a space where guests can write their wishes to Santa, and I hope everyone's wishes reach Santa!


And we think it's quite famous that Japanese eats fast food chicken on Christmas day.

Do you know when it became a staple in Japan? When I looked it up, it seems to be about 40 years ago when western culture started coming to Japan.

Our guests from France and Australia knew about this culture and they said, " You're going to make the surplus chicken into soup the next day, right?"

...we didn't know about it so we were very surprised! !! Lol

But it sounds good and I searched on websites, and many recipes came out unexpectedly! Plenty of extract comes out from chicken bones, and oil from meat, it looks very delicious!

If you're thinking of throwing away the leftover chicken because it's hard and not very tasty, or if you're full and can't eat it, why not give it a try?

It may be fun to make new discoveries at Christmas, which is a leisurely time this year.

If you are sick of staying at your home why don't you come to our hostel if you live near us?

We are look forward to seeing you :)

【plat hostel keikyu minowa forest】

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