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plat hostel keikyu asakusa karin~Daily flowers~


It's getting cold and dark earlier each day, we hope you are all doing well!

In the autumn season, the weather and temperature are often changing, but there are things that heal your heart.

image1 (8).jpegAt plat hostel keikyu asakusa karin which uses plenty of karin wood and has a warm

atmosphere, flowers that are perfect for such an atmosphere are displayed around the lounge

image0 (24).jpeg

It wasn't decorated like this before, but we started it because one of our guests came to stay this summer and bought potted plants.

From that day on, seeing the flowers growing steadily will give us much energy!

Where is he traveling in Japan now, who gave us these flowers.

And on this day, we added cut flowers to make the lounge even more wonderful!

The day, this flower still had some buds, but after few days it's fully bloomed and it was beautiful.

image0 (23).jpeg

Some guests are looking forward to the day, changing flowers each week.

There is only one month left for 2020.

I would like to post blogs about flowers of our lounge!

I hope everyone in Japan and around the world, not just in Asakusa, Tokyo, can spend the rest of 2020 in good health.

See you at our hostel again. We look forward to seeing you all!

【plat hostel keikyu asakusa karin】

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