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Go to a day trip from plat hostel keikyu asakusa station①

Hello everybody! This is plat hostel keikyu asakusa station.

How is everything going? It's been quite hot lately this summer in Tokyo but It will be Getting cooler, and it's a good season to spend little time outside or go on short trip!

Anyway, do you guys know the concept of "plat hostel keikyu asakusa station"?

The main concept is the hostel that will make you want to hop on a train and take a trip.

That's why we went to the Zushi beach which is about one and half hours by train from our hostel.

There was no swimming area because of the covid19 though, it is really relaxing by just enjoying the ocean view.


Take the Toei Asakusa Line from Asakusa Station(A18) and going toward keikyu-kurihama・Misakiguchi.

And get off at Kanazawa Hakkei station.

At Kanazawa Hakkei station , transfer to the Keikyu Line going toward Zushi ・Hayama and get off at Zushi・Hayama station.


You will see the beach in a 10-minute walk from Zushi station.

When you get to the train station, you would already smell the ocean breeze since it's pretty close to the ocean.

We went there in the evening to see the night view but you can also go there in the daytime to see Mt. Fuji with ocean.


When you want to take your mind off from your everyday life and have a little rest, it's a good idea to go see the sea.

Doesn't matter if you are sad or happy, it would always be beautiful and spectacular. Please spend your time by yourself or with your loved ones with the view.

Let's make a travel plan and pop on a train from our hostel!