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Tokyo Sakura Tram Part 3!

Hello, we are plat hostel keikyu minowa forest.

Tokyo Sakura Tram Part 3! We still continue to introduce recommended cherry blossom spots!

There is Arakawa Amusement Park in "Arakawa Yuenchimae" (Renewal work in progress. Scheduled to open in the summer of 2021)

Cherry blossoms are also blooming along the road to this Arakawa amusement park.


DSC_0026.JPGThere are also friendly cats, so it is recommended for a walk in the evening.


If you take a walk from the evening, you will be able to take nice pictures of the Sakura Tram with a very retro atmosphere!


The section from "Oji ekimae" to "Asukayama" is the second combined track section.

Between these two stations is the only section that is not distinguished from the roadway, and you will be excited by the feeling of running in parallel with the car in Tokyo!


If you want to go to Asukayama, it is recommended to get off at "Oji ekimae", and take the shortest monorail "Ascargo (Asuka Park Rail)" in Japan to the summit of Asukayama!


If you have a one-day ticket, you can get on and off as many times as you like, so why not try this monorail just a short walk from "Oji ekimae"! "Ascargo" is a free monorail that resembles a snail and slowly climbs toward the top of Asukayama. It is available from 10am to 4pm. Please take a look at the view from the large window of Ascargo. It has a round and cute body, hasn't it?

In the part 4, we will introduce Asukayama's cherry blossoms, so please look forward to it ☆

see you next time!

For more information about these place, please see the link below.

Tokyo Sakura Tram (Toden Arakawa Line)

Arakawa Amusement Park

Asukayama park/ Ascargo