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Plat Spicy Ramen Cup

Hello there!

The staff at plat hostel keikyu LOVE this.


"Shin ramen".

Have you ever tried it?

It's a Korean spicy ramen.

We love it so much that instead of just eating it as is we decided to hold a tournament to see who would come up with the most delicious original recipe: Plat Spicy Ramen Cup!



I think this was the best quality out of all the Plat Cup tournaments we held so far.

Some decided to mellow down the spiciness with cheese and eggs, some enhanced the spiciness to the max!

(Ankake means topped with ingredients cooked in a thick, starchy sauce)

We gave a 10 out of 10 to both looks and taste!

If you also have a great recipe for spicy ramen please let the staff know!