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Takoyaki party

We held the first takoyaki party at plat hostel keikyu asakusa karin!
Takoyaki are batter ball-shaped dumplings filled with pieces of boiled octopus and more.


Keikyu Railways mascotte Keikyun also joined us ♬

We have a hotplate in our kitchen at plat hostel keikyu asakusa karin!
It has a takoyaki plate and also a flat plate so you can also cook crepes, okonomiyaki (Japanese savoury pancakes), or even grill meat if you want to splurge ;)

Today we also got fish sausage and cheese ready other than octopus, so we could try different flavours.


Surprisingly none of the staff had ever made takoyaki at home, so we were a bit worried that the batter was the right consistency and so on.
It has to be a lot more liquid than we thought.

Through trial and error, this is our final result!!


Tasted and looked great!

We got wine and Japanese sake as a present, too♬

Our Japanese guests ate and enjoyed the takoyaki, but we were surprised to see that most of our foreign guests didn't even know them.
Especially the people who never went to the Osaka area.

We're happy that they got to know a bit of Japanese culture through food :)

Sometimes when our guests asks us questions about food or words that we as Japanese take for granted, we realise we don't know how to explain them.
We have to learn our culture better, too!

The tools in our kitchen are all free to use for all our staying guests so check them out!
We have a lot of cute and useful things ♬